The Boerwindhond, indigenous to South Africa, was originally bred out of the show Greyhound with, no doubt, some racing Greyhound for extra speed, Saluki for endurance and Borzoi for height and stamina.  Each farmer most probably did what worked best for his environment and farming needs.  They were bred as an all-rounder, excellent with children, a family dog that could protect the property and owner, fierce when in the field doing predator control, and back at home not hunt farming stock.

They are long-distance runners (hence the very deep chest). They have an arched back, high tuck and low hips, with a good strong well-muscled neck. From the front they have a broad chest. The minimum height at the shoulder for a female is 65cm and a male 70cm (as stated by the Boerwindhond Association). Their paws/toes are tight and pulled up; I think there is nothing more beautiful than Boerwindhond paws, except when they are Boerwindhond puppy paws. They have a neat, long, whip-like tail, which they generally carry tucked in when standing. Their coat is short and slick and their ears are on the smaller side.

Boerwindhonde have a higher ‘prey drive’ than the Saluki and racing Greyhound.  They are obedient and make wonderful companions if they are allowed to run and run, especially during their first three years. They need far more exercise than Greyhounds which exercise in shorter bursts.

You also get a wire-haired Boerwindhond. These came about by crossing the Boerwindhond with the Scottish Deerhound (some use the Irish Wolfhound) because farmers wanted a heavier dog. The wire-haired are exceptional hunters which go the extra mile.