Amber and Onyx

Amber and Onyx were rescued by the same Veterinary practice in KZN as Wilee, Chase Valley Veterinary Clinic. I first heard about Amber, a petite brindle greyhound, in July when they contacted me to get some information on the methods I had used for Wilee to help his leg grow straight.

Fast forward to December, and a friend phones to tell me that she has tagged me in a post on Facebook and I should have a look. I find a picture of a beautiful black tripod hound with a moth-eaten looking coat called Bullet. I love black hounds and I have a soft spot for tripods, so immediately phoned the clinic to say I would adopt Bullet. During the conversation I enquire about Amber and I am told that she is looking for a home. “Oh what the heck” I say, “I will adopt them both”!

Just under a month later the two flew from KZN to Cape Town. I collected them at the airport and brought them home to the Crazy Hound House. There were no problems on introduction to the others, and they settled in very quickly.

By day two, I realised that Amber’s sweet petite looks were deceiving and that she was going to cause me to have plenty of grey hair! She is fast and furious, and has no fear whatsoever! Right from the get-go she wanted the pack to chase her and when they caught up with her she would turn around and run straight back into them. I have always been impressed with Jack’s speed and agility, but Amber’s speed and agility is quite mind blowing. She immediately struck up a friendship with Blanca and Wilee, and for safety sake I now allow the three to play together and only allow the others out to play when they are finished. Amber is far too wild, as is Wilee, and I am worried they might get injured if the others join in, particularly Dapper who is very big and Jack who is rather bossy. Occasionally I allow Opal or Flash to join in with the three wild hounds, but Opal usually likes to have her own wild runs with Blanca.

Onyx can be fairly feisty, particularly in the mornings. That seems to be his time for going crazy. He also runs extremely well for a tripod, and flies around with big bounding runs. He seems to love paw to paw combat but he does have rather big teeth that bite quite sore and often I hear a yelp when he joins in a game. He and Linka enjoy play bowing and chasing each other. The rest of the time Onyx can be found snoozing/roaching on a couch, the bed, a dog bed or the floor (especially in the hot weather). He is your typical laid back greyhound. He does however love to talk and he has the most beautiful deep tone to his bark and loves to offer his opinion on most matters when he isn’t sleeping!

I adore these two new tripods, my wild sweet Amber with her beautiful smiley face and Onyx who has the most handsome face with soulful eyes. I have no doubt that there is going to be plenty to write about in the future with the addition of these two to the Crazy Hound House.