At Milla Moo we are passionate about pets. They are part of our family and we would like to welcome you and your pets to ours too! We believe that every pet deserves to be pampered with the best quality product possible. Each clothing product in the Milla Moo range is entirely handmade and produced locally in South Africa. As a handmade product, rather than a mass, factory produced product, your pet will receive a unique product EACH time you order from us. We put much time, effort and love into each and every product we create, right from the initial testing phases of a new product to the final stages of finally packing and labelling your product, to ensure that you as a valued customer and your pet receive a product of highest quality. Please always look out for the Milla Moo label and tag, if the product doesn’t carry either or both tag and label, it is not an original Milla Moo product!! Being a passionate dachshund lover and owner for 12years already, we started the range around the needs for Dachshunds, for whom it is SO difficult to find clothes with their looooong bodies and short little legs and beds designed around their intense burrowing instinct. The range then extended to cater for the very different build of the greyhound (windhond) when I adopted my first Italian Greyhound. And soon enough the “Wintie” label was born under Milla Moo for this magnificent, regal, but quick to feel the cold breed. On our Facebook page (Milla Moo) you will find products that are currently available from Milla Moo, although special requests for designs can be made to me personally via Facebook inbox or at All products can be shipped country wide via courier, at the customer’s expense. We are looking forward to welcoming you and your pets to our family where pets and pet comfort are our passion and we believe comfort and style should be a standard, not just a luxury.